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August 2020


August was a month full of transitions, regulations from state and local government, as well as the start of the 2020/2021 school year for elementary students. As we look to the future, we plan for each student to learn, grow, and develop new skills that will propel them into the future strong and  confident. Our elementary students started their academic school year two weeks early (on August 10th) to get a jump start on their course work. read more

September 2020

As autumn began to work its way into the region, we continued planning for the future of our students and their education. September marked the first full month our students were in session both online and on site as they maneuvered their lessons. It was also the beginning of the state testing and screenings for all students. These tests help us to assess where each students is more

October 2020

October has been a month full of many blessings, obstacles, and learning opportunities. We started the month full of energy that flowed from the beginning of the school year. By the time October  arrived, we had found our groove as far as scheduling, daily routines, and student        expectations. read more