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August 2019

Summer camp has ended and school is back in session. Our elementary students are hard at work in the K12 program, are    focusing on their lessons, and are achieving high results. STAR   testing has already begun and will run through September. We will share scores as we receive them. All of our students have scores above average in the past and we expect this year to be no different...READ MORE


July 2019

July was hot, hot, hot. The learning was on fire for all students and classrooms. The preschool 4 classroom continued their STEAM summer curriculum, preschool 3 classroom has once again reopened due to the increase in enrollment, and Summer Camp students also were challenged with their own STEAM curriculum and field trips...READ MORE

June 2019

Summer 2019 has been a success so far. Annoor Academy has hired new staff to                accommodate our growing student population, the Summer Camp is in full swing, and we are awaiting our Better Beginnings ECERS (Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scale) assessment of the preschool classrooms. This is our first year maintaining the preschool classrooms year round. Enrollment has maintained weekly and many families are returning in the Fall....READ MORE

May 2019

It’s full STEAM ahead for Annoor Academy, it’s students, and staff as we venture into the summer curriculum and them of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics). May brings on may bittersweet changes as we say goodbye to students for the summer and those who are headed to the public school setting. We have also said goodbye to Mrs. Morgan, our Elementary teacher, as she begins a new journey across country with her family. She will be deeply missed....READ MORE

April 2019

April brought with it many great blessings. We have reached our highest number of child enrollment to date, all programs continue to strengthen in numbers and in quality. We celebrated Annual Day with our children, families, and the community. We also received our PAS (Program Administration Scale) score from the Better Beginnings team. May is looking to hold more growth including new staff, increase in enrollment, and the continued search for a larger location to accommodate our growing student's population...READ MORE