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June 2020

Annoor Academy continues to thrive as we navigate the Covid-19 pandemic. Student enrollment increases weekly, teachers are implementing STEAM curriculum, and we are working with students to maintain and increase knowledge. read more

July 2020

July was a continuation of the hard work and dedication our staff put forth daily. Many fun activities were planned for the students like science experiments, field trips, and cooking       projects. As covid-19 continues to effect our daily lives, Annoor Academy administrators are working on developing learning options for the upcoming school year. As we move forward, we will follow all CDC, Health Department, and state regulations as they become available to our school. For more more

August 2020


August was a month full of transitions, regulations from state and local government, as well as the start of the 2020/2021 school year for elementary students. As we look to the future, we plan for each student to learn, grow, and develop new skills that will propel them into the future strong and  confident. Our elementary students started their academic school year two weeks early (on August 10th) to get a jump start on their course work. read more

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