Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does my child have to be Islamic to attend Annoor Academy?
Absolutely not. Our school was founded on Islamic principles but we emphasize spiritual growth for all children. All religions, cultures, and backgrounds are resepcted. Our facility strives to create an environment where they can achieve their highest potential in all areas including academic excellence and become good citizens.
2. How does your school age program differ from the public school system?
Annoor Academy prides itself on academic excellence.  In order to achieve this, we hire only the most qualified staff, follow the government approved K-12 Charter school curriculum, and implement activities that challenge the children's higher level cognitive abilities. The K-12 curriculum is 1 1/2 times harder than the curriculum presented to students in public schools and better prepares students for higher level education and real world experiences. The low staff-child ratios provides optimal learning experiences for students. 
3. What if I do not want my child to attend the Islamic Studies?
Non-Islamic students are never forced to attend or are submitted to the Islamic religion. If you choose not to have your child included in the Islamic Studies class, they will be assigned to another teacher where one-on-one or small group teaching will occur. This allows you child to focus on their individual goals. 
4. Is food provided during the day for my child?
Parents are only asked to send water bottle. Annoor Academy provides children with hot, fresh meals for all children that are halal and/or vegetarian simplifying families live. Daily 2-3 snacks and lunch are provided.  Milk is provided with lunch. All meals exceeds the Minimum Licensing nutrition guidelines. 
5. Will my child have an opportunity to be outdoors?
Per Minimum Licensing, we are required outdoor time when weather permits. This means that is the temperature is above 32 degrees or below 92 degrees, our students will enjoy the outdoors. We will attend outdoor sessions at least one hour daily. If inclement weather scenarios arise, we will provide gross motor time indoors. Also if the weather is nice, teachers and students will take lessons outdoors. 
6. How will my child be learning? 
Our preschool children learn through play and through the use of hands-on concrete materials. Teachers ask open ended questions to provoke deeper cognitive skills and development in all areas. Assessments of each child are completed 2-3 times annually. Parents conferences are also available for parents to discuss their child's development including goals, strengths, and concerns. 
Elementary students will learn through assistance from online and in class teachers. Students are instructed through the K12 learning curriculum using online activities and lesson as well as offline extension activities. Assessments are completed through online 
7. How will I know if my child's learning is on track and that they are prepared for the future?
Annoor staff are heavily trained to spot risk factors, developmental delays, and behavioral issues. Teachers are required to develop portfolios on each child which contain work sampling, anecdotal records, photographs, and other pertinent documentation valuable to the assessments. Assessments and developmental screenings are conducted twice annually or as needed. Parent-teacher conferences are held in conjunction with these assessments and screenings to provide knowledge to parents regarding their child's developmental progress, goals, strengths, and weaknesses.