Mrs. Amreen

Amreen-Director of Annoor Academy. She and her husband opened the facility in 2016 with the inspiration of their two children. She has her Bachelor's in Computer Science and CDA . She spent most of her career in IT. She is a former employee of Walmart until transitioning to the Early Childhood Education field. She credits Allah with allowing her the ability to give back to her community

Mrs. Laura
Assistant Director

Laura has been in the Early Childhood since 2005. She has her CDA, Associates in Early Childhood Education, a Bachelor's in Child Development, and she's currently working towards for her Masters in Teaching.  Her expertise is in developmentally appropriate activities and Better Beginnings. She believes that all children deserve a high quality learning environment where they are truly cared for. 

Birthdate: March 7th

Summer 2019.jpg
Ms. Summer
Site Supervisor and Preshool teacher

Ms. Summer currently has her high school diploma. She is looking forward to starting college in late 2021. She works in education because she loves working with children. She loves seeing the different ways each student grows in their education. Another reason she works in education is to build relationships with her students and their parents., and create a lasting impact in their life.

Birthdate: August 15th

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Mrs. Nayema
 Islamic Studies Teacher

Mrs. Nayema has her Associate Degree in Interior Design and Fashion Retail, Bachelors Degree from Dhaka University, and a Bachelor's degree in Science from Arees University. She has taught Islamic Studies for nearly 20 years. She enjoys teaching students about the Quran, tajweed, and duas for Islamic Students.

Mrs. Lisa
Online Teacher

Ms. Lisa has her Bachelor of Science in Education minor in Early Childhood, a Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, as well as a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.). Mrs. Lisa enjoys engaging students in a hands-on, active way while watching them learn new concepts. She has been working with children for 30+ years.

Birthdate: May12th